Agave Spirits is out Now!

How Agaves Have Shaped Landscapes & Cultures in the Old Pueblo

This month, in a new proclamation, the Mayor of Tucson Regina Romero and Kevin Dahl of the City Council will celebrate the deep connections Tucsonans have with agaves, the succulents better known as century plants, mezcals and maguey.

Tucson is the most diverse city in the US in terms of showcasing these desert-adapted plants in public spaces and offering them in commercial nurseries. But caring for agaves goes back 1000 years in the Tucson Basin.

Read more in the commemorative booklet artist-designer Paul Mirocha and I release this week in time for the Agave Heritage Festival and other events linked to Tucson, the UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

Click on the booklet cover to download the PDF for further information.