Agave Spirits is out Now!

Agave Spirits Wilder than Ghosts, Banshees, and Zombies



Agave spirits are among the most complex of any distillates. An entire symphony of sensations and scents are embedded in each bottle, as mezcals, ancestral tequilas, and other agave distillates benefit from remarkably rich interactions among succulent plants, fermentation microbes, pollinators, and ancient cultural traditions.

Could it be that such interactions among aged agaves and heterogeneous microbial cultures imbue these distillates with a broader flight of fragrances and flavors than we may experience when sampling any other liquor? For us, it seems there is an entire world to explore within every bottle of agave spirits.

This is an excerpt from our forthcoming book Agave Spirits, which hits stores on 5/16 and is available for preorder now

Gary Paul Nabhan