Agave Spirits is out Now!

What We Muse over Agave Spirits



Our book, Agave Spirits, will be available in less than 2 months from W.W. Norton, but here’s what David Suro and I muse over in its pages:

“We came together several years ago to celebrate, respect and defend the many Mesoamerican and Arid American cultural traditions that surround and enliven the drinking and the “thinking” of mezcal. Mezcal has not evolved in isolation from all the many other foods, beverages, and rituals linked to agaves. It is in synch with so many other wild lives, from yeasts and bacteria, to larvae and grasshoppers, to bats and  butterflies, to hummingbirds and humankind. We wish to see agaves and their many allies neither culturally appropriated nor diluted in their spiritual strength.”

Mezcal is not a fad. It is a patrimony…  or if you wish to include its allegiant lover(s), it is a matrimony!

-Gary Paul Nabhan