Agave Spirits is out Now!

We are Concerned for the Health of the Land, as Well as the Health of the Workers



In our book to be released in May, David Suro & I spend a lot of effort exploring who gains and who loses through the many ways agaves are processed and sold: “We are concerned for the health of the land as well as for the health of the members of the working class who steward agaves in the field, in the distillery, and in the cantina or bar. We hope to see all of them work for livable wages, in pesticide-free environments, with dignity and well-being.” 

But unfortunately, we detected one of the largest disparities in any industry between the pay offered to farmworkers and to the CEOS of multinational conglomerates (who often acquire multiple brands of tequilas and now, mezcals as well) in the agave spirits industry. It ain’t pretty, nor will it last… Too many good people are put at risk, a rebalancing is SORELY needed.

-Gary Paul Nabhan