Agave Spirits is out Now!

We are Now Convinced that Agaves Will Help Our Evermore Thirsty World



Early Alert: Join me and my special guest Tequila Interchange Project founder David Suro at our first book signing for Agave Spirits at Velvet Elvis Restaurant in Patagonia April 26 Wednesday, time TBD. 

Thank you, Cecilia, for helping us launch our Pan-American tour with mezcal tastings in your lovely La Mision building. Here’s a new quote from the book soon to be out:

“The good news is that desert-adapted plants like agaves, sotol, prickly pear cacti, pineapple, mesquite, and desert oreganos are the kind of steady, slow-growing plants that we need to bring into a new “slow agriculture” to slow down climate change.

By coining the term slow agriculture, we envision a resilient, regenerative means of producing the healthy foods, flavorful beverages, effective medicines, strong fibers, and cost-efficient fuels that future generations will require. We are now convinced that agaves and other succulent plants will help our descendants weather a heat-stricken, evermore thirsty world.”

Gary Paul Nabhan